Biogas plant in Bernburg officially in operation

The official opening of the state-of-the-art facility in Bernburg (Saale) took place on October 24th, 2022.

In the presence of Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Minister for Science, Energy, Climate Protection and Environment of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Markus Bauer, District Administrator of the Salzland district, and Dr. Silvia Ristow, mayor of the city of Bernburg (Saale), the official opening ceremony of the facility in Bernburg took place on October 24th, 2022.

After the fermentation of around 33,000 tons/a of organic waste in a plug flow fermentation process, around 26,000 tons of digestate from this process are processed in our Herhof bio boxes into high-quality compost, which is used in agriculture, landscaping and gardening. This aerobic treatment takes place in a two-stage process in six Herhof bio boxes. The bio boxes of the first process stage are continuously filled with the digestate by an automatic entry system via openings in the ceiling area. In the second step, the material is transferred and mixed into the bio boxes using a wheel loader.

During intensive rotting (drying process of composting), the easily biodegradable organic substances are microbiologically converted in a very short time. For this purpose, a process-controlled air supply is used, which is optimally tailored to the biological requirements.

The resulting exhaust air is cleaned in an exhaust air treatment system, which consists of an acid scrubber and a biofilter.

In this way, we are once again making our contribution to an environmentally friendly and sustainable circular economy.

Bernburg Tore

Herhof bio boxes