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The challenges of our time are the piles of waste and the fact that fossil energy resources will run irreversibly low within the next years. At Herhof, we develop the efficient technologies to fulfil these challenges adequately.

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Waste to


Our example in the process is taken from nature because nature knows no waste. Nothing has no value, everything is part of a cycle. Even what we throw away as being useless: “wastes” are high quality raw materials for energy production. And since every one of us generates new wastes day after day, we consider them as renewable energy source.

Herhof´s advanced technologies make it possible to recover recyclables or to produce compost and clean environmental friendly secondary fuels out of waste.

Aerobic waste treatment

We consider our box composting system in patented Herhof boxes as well as our Herhof Dry Stabilat® technology as aerobic waste treatment. These technologies were proven worldwide over the last 20 years in more than 50 waste treatment facilities. Each of these plants works reliably, efficiently and economically. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

» MSW-Treatment and RDF production
with Stabilat® technology

» Bio waste composting
with our Rottebox® process

Anaerobic waste treatment

With our process (Dry Wet Simultaneous) we have an also long term proven technology within the biogas sector, which combines the advantages of dry fermentation with these of wet fermentation. The mesophilic box process was developed as fermentation technology to produce biogas out of organic materials with high dry substance. This process utilises the biogas production within the substrate as well as in the wet phase to increase the economic feasibility.

» Biogas process

Separation and sorting technology

Apart from the concept and implementation of a complete system for the processing of household waste, we offer you tailor-made systems for waste separation and sorting. This area of operations combines conveyor and shredding systems; separation units according to the specific weight of the materials; screening systems; ferrous and non-ferrous metal separators; inert material processing (separation of metals, very ferrous and non-ferrous fractions as well as extraneous materials such as batteries or electronic scrap, for example). Based on your specifications, we will combine the individual units in order to achieve the best separation and sorting results for you.

Controlling and switching systems

Herhof GmbH will provide you with the entire control and feedback control system for biowaste composting and Herhof MBT plants.

By means of these systems, the entire plants can be operated, monitored and controlled in fully automatic mode. In doing so, certain variables, such as temperature, CO2 content and volume flows, are constantly electronically monitored. If necessary, automatic adjustments to the set variables will be made to ensure continuous optimum conditions for the operation of the plants.

In the visualisation software, you can read the most important parameters for

  • the box technology
  • the large air circulation
  • the cooling circuit
  • the dust removal of the box hall
  • exhaust air preparation
  • water treatment and
  • the gate air lock

Air treatment

With implementation of the 30th BImSchV (German emission control ordinance) there are strict limits for the operation of mechanical-biological plants in Germany. The total carbon emissions in the exhaust air are not only limited in concentration, it is also limited in the loading of carbon emitted. This can be met with the LARA® system.

To be able to achieve such strict regulations, two targets have to be achieved independently:

1. Minimisation of the air required for the biological treatment

2. Reduction of the total carbon emissions to the lowest technically feasible level

Reduction of the carbon concentrations to well below these levels can be achieved by using thermally regenerative waste air treatment. The hydrocarbons are oxidized in a combustion chamber to carbon dioxide and steam, as in afterburning. To reduce the operating costs, maximum heat recovery is achieved using ceramic heat exchangers. In the hot state, the first chamber releases is stored thermal energy to heat the process air. Following successful completion of oxidation in the combustion chamber, the second chamber is reheated by the hot waste air. Cyclical changeover of the direction of flow ensures permanent operation.

If these limits are not to be considered the exhaust air treatment can be realized with a normal biofilter (with acid scrubber).

Water treatment

„Treat waste water, where it is produced.“ That is the principle guiding our compact and intelligent system of process-water production waste water treatment. Developed within the Herhof group and suitable for a wide range of applications, th system is based on a high efficiency biological process combining biological purification, membrane filtration (ultrafiltration) and intermittent ventilation.

All of the purified condensate produced during biodrying can be used as process water and introduced directly into the cooling system, where it is evaporated. This well-engineered recycling mechanism saves considerable amounts of fresh water.

Waste to Energy

Generating energy from waste and residues

By the term waste to energy, we mean recycling of energy from waste and residual material. Household and industrial waste as well as biomass is suitable for the process.

The new EC guideline 1999/31/EC was already put into national law in Germany in June 2005. This made the subject waste to energy become more important. Ever since then, only pre-processed waste such as residual material from waste incineration or from waste fermentation can be disposed of permanently in landfill sites. For communities and business establishments which produce huge quantities of waste, the need to look for alternative possibilities of disposal created a big challenge.

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As fossil energy resources become ever scarcer, Herhof technologies present an excellent economic and ecological alternative. We support ecological equilibrium by returning resources to the cycle of nature.